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About Lob

Programmatically send physical mail at scale

Send customized postcards based on customer behavior or other events. Reactivate lapsed users with personalized postcards or verify your customers' physical addresses for identity purposes. Lob triggers each piece of mail on demand, no batching required.


Key benefits of using Lob with Engagement Cloud

  • Manage your online and offline marketing channels from one single interface
  • Craft truly omnichannel customer journeys that accompany customers on and off screen
  • Extend your digital campaigns with postcards, letters, and sealed mailers
  • Deepen your customer relationships with event invites, loyalty rewards, and other personalized campaigns
  • Automate your direct mail within Engagement Cloud’s program builder, linking it to any marketing program
  • Test and optimize direct mail within the context of your omnichannel marketing strategy


Lob for Engagement Cloud use case examples:

  • Reach unengaged subscribers, who aren’t responding to digital campaigns, with direct mail
  • Encourage a first purchase by sending direct mail featuring a promo code to new subscribers
  • Win back lapsed customers through a multichannel re-engagement program that triggers a direct mail with a coupon code to customers who haven’t purchased in 6 months
  • Send a physical event reminder via Lob to contacts that have attended previous events
  • Identify customers who have purchased from a particular product category and send a direct mail promoting a different category that cross-sells well

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