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About Fresh Relevance

Real-time personalization

Fresh Relevance for dotdigital provides highly accessible live email content and real-time triggers and integrates with any e-commerce platform, even custom websites. 

Fresh Relevance works with dotdigital to provide contextual email content that drives engagement with open time relevant messaging. Plus, the integration allows users to trigger real-time marketing messages from a wide range of Fresh Relevance triggers. 


Push Fresh Relevance content into Engagement Cloud emails:

  • Weather feeds
  • Countdown widgets
  • Social proof widgets, ratings, and reviews
  • Individualized coupons
  • Live social media feeds
  • Web-scraped content
  • Product recommendations
  • and more.


Trigger Engagement Cloud marketing messages from events in Fresh Relevance:

  • Reducing price alerts
  • New stock availability
  • Browse abandonment
  • Replenishment triggers
  • and more.


Find out more about Fresh Relevance here:



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