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About Antavo

Curate Customer Relationships. Create Loyalty.

Antavo is a leading customer loyalty technology for omnichannel and ecommerce, specialized in fashion and retail. Antavo helps marketing and CRM teams to turn customer data into personalized experiences through Recognition Loyalty™. Beyond rewarding transactions, Antavo engages customers with loyalty programs outside of the buying cycle in their everyday lives – when they work out, talk with friends or wear your products.

Antavo and dotdigital have partnered up to help you send more effective messages and create engagement by delivering a more personalized experience.

Key Benefits of using Antavo with Engagement Cloud

  • Make content feel more personal with data-rich customer profiles
  • Send messages across multiple touchpoints relevant to your customers
  • Engage in-store shoppers with clever incentives
  • Increase email open rates by giving customers something they can look forward to

How it works

Antavo integrates seamlessly with Engagement Cloud.

  • Effortlessly map and sync data fields between Engagement Cloud and Antavo
  • Extend existing customer profiles with data collected through Antavo
  • Synchronize your segments in real-time
  • Enhance and personalize your marketing campaigns
  • Automate workflows and transactional emails



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